Plastics are Olympic

Sports without plastics are no longer possible, performance without plastics is unimaginable, indeed plastics ARE Olympic!

Whether you are a top athlete or an occasional jogger, you simply can not do without plastics! Plastics are omnipresent, you find them in equipments, clothing, installations etc. Take the Olympic boat classes, for instance, they are made of plastic. Sails, rudders and paddles are also made of plastic. The tracks on which athletes pursue new records, just like the shoes, the clothing and lots, lots more – are all made of plastic. And in the stadiums, whether water and drainage pipes, seats or the roof – very little would function without plastic. Here are a few examples.

Large, small, fast, slow, soft, hard, rigid or flexible balls: Equipment made of polymer materials is used in nearly every type of ballgame these days. This also applies to football: The "leather ball" has not been made of leather for decades. In the course of numerous innovations in the development of materials, a completely new concept has arisen for the production of footballs and is known as "thermal gluing". This ensures consistent quality and performance ball after ball.

The materials used by both amateur and professional sportspersons are getting more and more similar. Even the main piece of an athlete's sports "equipment", the shoe, is much the same for both categories. Nevertheless, there are shoes – and there are shoes. Whereas weekend joggers place importance on cushioning of jolts, foot support and, last but not least, longevity, the professional over short distances looks predominantly for minimum weight and best traction – if you want to win, you've got to wear the right shoe. The range of plastics used depends on the type of sport and specific requirements.

Road sports Road sports have a long tradition. The minimum weight of a racing bike is 6.8 kg and a time trial bike weighs virtually no more than that. Olympic gold medallists and world champions ride on carbon frames. Carbon fibres provide strength, plastic resin provides stability. The decisive advantage of this frame concept is its excellent aerodynamics.