News 2007

  • Basell sponsor of educational online plastics game on prestigious Nobel Prize website...
  • Retailer says decision to trial lightweight PET driven by environmental factors.
  • Art museum offers a unique experience to plastic art lovers...
  • The world will face some serious challenges in the coming decades: greenhouse gases and their consequences, a rapidly growing population, and an increasingly tight supply-demand balance for fossil fuels...
  • In just 20 years, 220 million people have been lifted out of poverty in China because of globalisation. If pursued ethically, globalisation offers the world the greatest opportunity for peace and economic growth...
  • By 2030, advances in medical science will mean a move from curing disease to preventing disease and extending life-spans. Children born then could have life expectancies stretching to 130 years...
  • By 2030 it is estimated that the world’s population will exceed 8.3 billion people (1.5 billion more than today). Plastics will play a key role in providing food, water and energy for the growing numbers...
  • Plastics have come a long way in the last 20 years, and the prediction is that our quality of life will improve dramatically thanks to more sophisticated plastic products and technologies...
  • According to Futurologist Ray Hammond, the effects of climate change will wreak havoc as the weather becomes more extreme. Are we prepared for artic-style winters and monsoon summers in Western Europe?
  • Oil will be in short supply by 2030. How will we replace this energy source? Wind power, biomass, solar power, hydro power, wave power must be pursued rigorously...


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