"Kunos coole Kunststoff-Kiste” is an experimental kit for primary school pupils that was initially developed by PlasticsEurope in Germany. It gives children the opportunity to discover plastics through five exciting experiments. The kit proposes five experiments: manufacturing a polystyrene ball, testing a superabsorber, building a little water-purification station, discovering the various properties of plastics films or finding out how a safety helmet works. "Kunos coole Kunststoff-Kiste” is an extremely helpful tool to develop STEM interest and knowledge of children from 6 to 10 years old. All experiments and material included in the box have undergone rigorous testing and are officially approved for use by children.  

The kit was introduced in 2001 and has meanwhile reached more than every second school in Germany. For more information on Kuno, please check the German language version of the website.

In 2010, Kuno even welcomed a little brother: the Polish branch of the association adopted Kuno and called it Plastek. For more information on Plastek, please check the Polish language version of the website

There is also an Italian version, Plasty, please check the Italian language version of the website for more info.

For more info on the English version "Olly” that was introduced in 2016 and was developed mainly for use in the UK.


Olly students booklet
Olly teacher's booklet
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