Rodolphe Paternostre


Project officer in Waste Management at Bruxelles Environnement (March 2012- ?)
Private teacher to Cogito: lessons in English, Dutch and Law (February 2011- 2012)
Intern to the European Commission: DG CLIMA, ETS implementation (April 2011 - August 2011)
Intern at Cambier Advocate office: (July 2009)
Intern at the European Parliament:  (October-January 2008)

Third level education:     
o    Final Thesis in International Environmental Law "The Nagoya ABS Protocol: a legally sound framework for an effective regime?”, magna cum laude (80%),      
o    Exchange Program in the University of Madison ( Wisconsin), United-States, (second term 2010) 
o    Prestige Master in "Sustainable Development”, track "International and European Environmental Law”, University of Utrecht (February 2009-November 2011)
o    Final Thesis in History of Law « The participation of the citizen in the administrative decision: wild dream, trompe l'oeil or reality? » magna cum laude (80%)
o    Erasmus programme : Universidade de Coimbra(Portugal), second term 2008
o    1st, 2nd and 3rd degree in Law: Catholic University, Louvain-la-neuve (2005-2008), graduated with distinction (75, 62%)
o    1st and 2nd candidature in Law, Facultés Universitaires Saint-Louis (FUSL) (2003-2005)
Secondary education :    Collège Saint-Michel, Bruxelles (1997-2003)   


French:            Mother Tongue           
English:           Very good spoken & written
Dutch:             Very good spoken & written          
Portuguese:     Good spoken & written
Spanish:          Good spoken

Activities and hobbies
Hobbies and sports: 
●    Scout movement (1993-2008); scout leader and treasurer of 60 scouts (2004-2006);  staff leader  of 60 scouts (2006-2008)
●    Academic training in trumpet and music theory (2004-2005)
●    Member of the Youth Parliament of the Belgian French-speaking Community (2006)
●    Caring for handicapped people in Lourdes with the Saint-Michel team (2006 & 2007)
●    International Youth exchange "Green-Me, Green You!”
Interests:         Music, theater, travel, reading, cinema, history

Description of some activities I have participated /still participae in:

A)     Non-profit-making organization Av. Planeteterre

An Association created with friends in November 2006 and which now counts 30 active members. My function is mainly centered on the public relations and contact with the Media. This association has two mains objectives: on the one hand, we are trying to increase public awareness of the importance of ecology in western civilization. Therefore, we created certain actions such as the « Guindaille propre », the « Louvain-la Nette » and the « The day of planet earth ».  In this context, we participate in a « quality of life » committee, led by the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, and actively participate in the elaboration of our city's environmental politics. On the other hand, our association has a longer-term ambition, which is the establishment of a pedagogical farm in the Congo, with the help of the N.G.O « Petit -Pas ». The aim of this farm is to educate local farmers in the agro-ecology of their region.

Hereafter is a brief overview of some of the main awareness campaigns we have organized:

1)     The « guindaille propre »: Because more or less 20.000 plastic glasses are daily used in Louvain-la-Neuve by partygoers, in September 2007 we tried to encourage cleaner parties by using biodegradable glasses for one week and thereby also increase the population’s awareness to the astronomic waste. Although this was a useful event, making it a long-term solution is now one of the priorities of the « Quality of Life » committee, which is headed by the University of Louvain-la-Neuve.
2)     « The earth planet day » took place on the 24th of September 2008 in Louvain-la-Neuve. It consists mainly of an awareness campaign in order to lead to more responsible consumption in the food sector. Numerous associations such as WWF, Oxfam etc have also participated. The day ended with a debate on « tomorrow’s plate ».

B)     The Youth Parliament of the Belgian French-speaking Community

The Youth Parliament of the Belgian French-speaking Community is a simulation of a parliamentary assembly. During one week, 80 youths follow the Parliamentary process step-by-step: presentation of the legal proposals, work in committees, amendments, etc.
For more information, see:

C)     The Saint-Michel teams

The Saint-Michel teams organize activities for handicapped persons. The main event is an annual one week long stay in Lourdes (France). 150 young people accompany 100 handicapped persons and try to bring them pleasure and comfort. For more information, see:

D) Internship to the European Parliament

My mission was to elaborate the "guide 2009 of the European Union’s funding” published by the Euro Member of the Parliament Thierry Cornillet. This pedagogical tool aims to present the grant and funding opportunities offered by the different European Union policies and actions.  For more information about the guide, see:

E) Internship to Cambier Advocate office:

The Cambier Advocate office is specialized in administrative Belgian law. During  one month, I was associated in the handling of cases and wrote legal briefs of an action for annulment in front of the Council of State.

F) International Youth exchange "Green-Me, Green You!”

From the 1st to the 8th of November 2009, I was member of the Belgian delegation in the International Youth exchange "Green-Me, Green You!” organized in Vilnius (Lithuania). The goal of this international meeting, gathering together representatives from Belgium, Ukraine, Moldova and Lithuania, was to discuss and gain experience about the implication of the youngsters in the environmental debate.  

E) Internship at the European Commission, DG CLIMA B.1- Implementation of the ETS

The revision of the Emission Trading Directive, agreed on 17 December 2008, foresees that auctioning of allowances will become the principal method of allocation as from the third trading period starting in 2013. The Auctioning Regulation provides for the timing, administration and other aspects of the auctioning of allowances. The said regulation also provides for joint procurement procedures between the Commission and the Member Sates for the appointment a common platform to auction emission allowances and a Single Auction Monitor. The joint procurement procedures will be carried out on the basis of two Joint Procurement Agreements (JPAs), which determine the practical modalities for the conduct of the joint procurements. My work consisted in helping in the drafting of the Joint Procurements Agreements, analyzing specific issues (security measures, impacts of the Joint Procurements in terms of handling of information, definition of the role and responsibilities of services within the Commission, etc.) and taking minutes of the meetings. 

F) Project officer in Waste Management at Bruxelles Environnement
Bruxelles Environnement is the administration of the Brussels Region dealing with environmental issues. My mission in the Waste Management department is to provide legal advice in the elaboration of policies, with a special focus on the Extended Producer Responsibility schemes.

Did you know ?
  • An Indian teacher of chemistry known as Plastic Man has built more than 5000 km of roads with plastic waste.