• Become exhibitor at the PolyTalk Innovation Hub

  • Science Driving Consumer Protection: How Plastics Deliver

    A scientific conference to provide insight on how industry, authorities and research institutes address, deliver and cooperate in the area of science and research behind consumer protection.

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  • There are only a few days left before we'll know who the 101st Tour de France's man in yellow will be. In this decidedly high-tech field, composite materials are king.

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  • The 4th European Plastics Industry Summit will be hosted in Brussels and organised by the plastics industry for all key players: industries using plastics, retailers, policy-makers, NGOs, media and academia.

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  • Post-consumer plastic waste research & annual report

    Research done on an annual basis since 2005 to keep track of extensive and reliable data and information year by year, country by country, application by application

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  • Solutions to marine litter

    The European plastics industry has brought together 56 plastics industry organisations from 32 countries around the world to sign up to a "Joint Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter”

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Did you know ?

  • The new match ball for 2014 football World Cup is the roundest ever due to plastics.

  • The newest football shoe generation is made out of knitted plastics, making the player feel like playing barefoot.

  • The transparent plastics roof structures in modern stadia protect fans against rain and also ensure the lighting of the lawn.

  • The football shirts of the Brasilian national team are almost entirely made of recycled PET bottles.

  • The new match ball of 2014 football World Cup only consists of 6 panels instead of 8 in 2010 and 32 in 1986.

  • A modern football shoe consists of more than 70 percent plastics and therefore weighs only 200 g.

  • Thanks to plastics bikes went on diet and dropped weight: 20 kg in 1903 -> 6.8 kg in 2014 !

  • In 1975 leather helmets were replaced by rigid safety helmets made of expandable polystyrene (EPS).

  • Baggage made of polycarbonate resin are ultra-light (light enough to be held with your forefinger when the bag is empty) and yet highly durable.

  • More than 50 per cent of all medicine products worldwide are made of plastics.

  • The world is spending 16 billion one-way plastics syringes per year.