IdentiPlast 2011
03/10/2011 - 04/10/2011 (All day)
"Identifying drivers to avoid wasting plastics in landfills"
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Since 1997, IdentiPlast, the number one event in Europe dealing with the recycling and 

recovery of plastics waste, has established itself as a Centre of Excellence where "Best Practices” in the management of plastics waste are exchanged between all relevant stakeholders.

For the past 14 years, IdentiPlast has provided audiences with a forum where experience and know-how of identifying, sorting, recycling and recovery of plastics from different waste streams have been shared.

In 2011, IdentiPlast was held in coordination with ISFR, continued its tour of Europe and headed towards Madrid, the beautiful capital of Spain. IdentiPlast 2011 gathered leading international experts who shared their knowledge so as to identify the key drivers to reach a zero plastics waste society.

PROGRAMME (Click to download programme in pdf format)

Session 1 Panel discussion
Session 2

Is the EU legislative framework effectively contributing to avoid wasting
plastics in landfills?
Session 3 To avoid wasting plastics in landfills: it all starts with collection
Session 4

Key trends and market drivers to maximise value from collected
used plastics

Session 5
Innovation and progress in latest sorting technologies
Session 6 Holistic approach to waste management
Session 7

Second life for used plastics from main applications (closed loop,
open loop and recovery routes)
Session 8 Processes to capture the value in used plastics
Session 9 Wrap up

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